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We can make your online presence come alive. Our web designs are dynamic, engaging, and customized around your business needs. They’re designed to be functional, user-friendly, and fully scalable as your business grows.

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SEO Optimized

Websites that are optimized for search engines and designed with user-friendliness in mind tend to get more traffic. We don’t just help you find the perfect keywords for your business, we will manage the entire SEO of your website. We know what it takes to beat out competitors and get a good ranking in search engines.

Speedy Loading

The faster your website loads, the more likely you are to have visitors linger on your pages. Even if your website is aesthetically pleasing, people will only stay on it for so long before they get bored of waiting to load. We have a team of experts to develop fast-loading web websites that are also optimized for search engines.

Conversion Oriented

Your web design has a major role in high conversion rates. Building a conversion-based web design presents many complex problems. The visual aspects, navigation, and speed are all vital to making sure that you provide a pleasant experience to your customers. We’ll work closely together with you on building the perfect web design for your business.

Fully Responsive

We build modern, responsive web designs that are fully responsive and able to adapt to the screen size of the user. Our websites serve all devices with a quality user experience on both traditional and mobile screens. We will help you stay relevant in today’s digital marketplace where more than half of traffic comes from mobile device users.

Smart UX

We design pages that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We focus on clarity of navigation elements, site architecture, and the overall appearance to keep your customers entertained enough to keep coming back. Our secret is to keep design simple to avoid clutter and distraction. We do extensive user testing to improve the user experience on every page.

Easy Management

We use most popluar platforms WordPress to empower you to run and manage your website by yourself. We will help you gain familiarity with the tools necessary for complete autonomy over your site. You’ll have unlimited freedom and control over your website, and our team is always available to assist you in technical troubleshooting.

Results Driven Solutions

We Make Powerful Websites To Get Real Results

Website design is not just about aesthetics – it’s a strategic process. Let our in-house designers work with you to strategize how to showcase the best of your brand and make sure each page meets those needs. A well-crafted strategy can turn your website into a powerful marketing tool. To design the site that will achieve all your goals, you need to take a look at the big picture and make sure that each element is communicating exactly what you want to say. We’ll work with you one-on-one from the initial concept all the way to a final, polished site design ready for launch.

We always use the right people for the right job as well as using appropriate technology solutions according to what it is you’re trying to accomplish with your project. A solid web development strategy that incorporates a strong technical plan will help you reach success much more quickly. We have a keen sense of what it takes to capture the attention of your target audience.

Our decade of experience in international business has taught us how to refine and enhance areas that will best appeal to different cultures, countries, languages, etc., ensuring you find success with every campaign we undertake for you. We are a team of specialists dedicated to understanding which aspects of your website need refining so as not to only attract but also retain your customers.

Website Design Process

Analyze, Research & Takeoff

The main goal during the pre-design phase is to gather information. We want to know as much as we can before we start the process. We will explore and document your requirements to understand the context in which we will be designing your website. After finding out what you need, we start exploring different design ideas with sketches/wireframes that align better with user experience needs and business goals so everyone can get on board by understanding a common vision for how things should look or work.

We start with a discussion workshop, where we will discuss and gain an understanding of strategic goals, user roles, and data that are important considerations when developing your website. Our team of UX/UI designers will evaluate every detail and document as much as possible for future development plans and maintenance. Web design isn’t just catchy for the eyes but it also has to be fully functional, customizable, personalized, user-friendly, efficient, and speed optimized as well! You can rely on our UX designers during all stages of your website design because they will be constantly interacting with you to make sure you are satisfied with the designs.

Build, Design & Develop

After going through the preliminary phase, it’s time to transform the design documents into a real-life solution. For any website we design, our goal is to make the experience enjoyable for the user. A well-designed website provides pleasant surfing time and allows users to navigate through with ease while finding their way without any discomfort. Almost all of a site’s visitors are looking for an easy interaction that is convenient and satisfying–a place where they can find what they need quickly in order not only save themselves some time but also enjoy it as much as possible.

The fun part about web design is that it’s often interactive, and engaging for the client. Designing a website requires first understanding what the users are looking for in their experience or what expectations they have from the brand. We will need to find ways of designing your website in a way that reflects your target audience. One thing our designers also do during the early stages is to keep close contact with you to make sure you get a personalized solution.

Website launching

Launch, Run & Measure

When you’re finally here! the website is ready to go live, it is time to test the design, user experience, and functionality of your website. it’s time to see how well we did with fulfilling all of those goals that you set out for your website and online business at the beginning. In the last stages, when the design team is almost through with the website, you need to have a meeting with them to make sure if all the changes you requested are done.

The first thing we do at this stage is to make sure that the design and development of your website are up to the mark. We will test things like webpage speed, how it looks on desktop devices or mobile screens, the customization and scalability of your web design. This way you are sure of what people experience when they come across a web page from start to finish. During this phase in our process, we will polish off all the rough edges, make minor adjustments before getting into testing more complex functionality aspects of the web designs.

Test, Optimize & Re-launch

In this phase, we test the complex design and functionality features of your web design. The goal is to optimize the overall functioning and visual aspects of your website. This phase is the most crucial stage in web design testing. Each website will go through different types of tests to ensure that it meets and exceeds user expectations for functionality, accessibility, usability, performance, security, and more. To make sure a site performs well across all browsers, we run cross-browser compatibility checks on our designs before launching your website live again.

Once all the necessary changes are done the website is re-launched and the testing process starts again until everything is perfect and you are happy with the results. Websites should be designed to provide a satisfying user experience, with reliability and ease of use. Our team at GoLocal Marketing is here to make sure the web designs are accomplishing your business goals.

Website Testing

Support, Maintain & Review

Websites need maintenance to stay relevant and function correctly, you will need to update your designs with time to stay in the business. We offer the best continuous development and maintenance. Properly maintaining the website helps to assure site security, increase the number of new visitors, promote returning traffic, and many more. A well-maintained website promotes the brand, work, and helps to achieve the target.

One of the most important aspects of web design maintenance is security, while many websites are updated with sleek new designs every year or so simply due to their outdated look, updates on web security should happen more often. Maintenance of your web designs also plays a big role in maintaining rankings for SEO purposes and retaining customers who will also love your fresh look and better user experience. That is why we offer periodic maintenance and upgrading services to all our clients to keep your website safe and beautiful.

You have questions, we have answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our process? We’re more than happy to help. We strongly encourage informed decisions, we will make sure you have all the answers before getting started with us. To help, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most frequently asked questions below. Please contact us for more information and discussion.

A modern website is a business front that serves many purposes. It should be both functional and aesthetically enjoyable. That is why we offer customized solutions to each of our customers.

Here are some of our most requested and popular website services:

Logo Designing and visuals: Logos, branding, graphics, visuals, landing pages, business cards – you tell us, we will design it for you.

Website Design & Development: Our team of senior web designers will stay in close contact with your to build any design that your business needs.

Google Ads Management: Not only do we help plan your google ads, but we can also help with running targeted campaigns. You’d be surprised how well our experts can help you with ads campaign. We know how important ads are to a website.

SEO Marketing: We can help you get a great organic reach. Do you want to attract new customers from organic searches? We can the SEO strategy that suits your business.

Every web design is unique and every customer has different functional requirements. Our typical projects can take 2 weeks to 8 weeks, but this time can greatly vary for a customized solution.

We make sure to get a clear understanding of what your business needs are before we start building the design. It is very rare that a client is not happy with our crafted web design. However, if you don’t like the design we will arrange a meeting to better understand your concept and revise the design for you. We offer unlimited web design revisions until you feel completely satisfied with your design.

This can vary quite a bit depending upon the web design and business requirements. Typically, we just need a call from you in order to start working on your project.

Our team of web-designing wizards can do a lot more than just design your website. We also offer hosting, making it easy to keep all of the important information that powers your site-such as files and databases-safely secure on our servers. Plus, we’ll work with you if you already have an established provider so they can migrate seamlessly over everything onto their server too!

We’ve got you covered with all your payment options. You can pay for our services using a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or direct deposit.

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We know that every business owner wants to succeed, and we have the skills and experience to help you reach your goals. We look forward to working with you and help you succeed in the online arena!

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